Instant JChem

Microsoft SQL Server Database Support: for Instant JChem on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and newer versions


Clustering analysis added: Spreadsheets can be analyzed using topological, structural and 2D pharmacophore similarity

JChem for Office

64-bit Office: for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013

JChem for Office

Office 2013 Support: live chemical structure handling and visualization is now available in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook version 2013


Document to Database released:automating chemistry indexing in your document repository

Marvin for JavaScript

New member of Marvin package: a light-weight chemical editor for web pages without installing Java

Instant JChem

Server and Web Client for Instant JChem: Share your IJC views as web pages, supporting full data search, filtering and browsing.


New GUI for Standardizer: Standardiser canonicalization tool; GUI is refreshed and simplified


Metabolizer has been released: Enumerates xenobiotic metabolites and predicts major metabolite

JChem Base

JChem Search: Superstructure search revamped, now faster and better searching

Instant JChem Web Client

Access chemical databases anytime and anywhere in a secure way with Instant JChem's rich data handling and presenting features.

Document to Database

Indexes all chemical information located in a company’s document repository system, and creates a searchable/filterable database

Marvin for JavaScript

Designing molecules in your browser - fast, user-friendly and eye-catching

Marvin, Calculator Plugins and Chemical Terms

MarvinSketch is an advanced, Java based chemical editor for drawing chemical structures, queries and reactions

Instant JChem

Solving your chemical database problems from the desktop to the enterprise level

Free chemical structure miner and web search engine


Next generation user-friendly tool for chemical data exploration


Standalone viewer for single and multiple chemical structures, queries and reactions

JChem for Sharepoint

Making SharePoint chemically intelligent

Compound Registration

…normalize, check, validate and register chemical compounds