Live demo of shared projects and URLs

Shared projects allows central configuration of a project and all the database connections and data that are contained in the project. this avoids you (as an end user) needing to configure the database connections, licenses etc. and makes deploying IJC to a site much simpler. Note that part of a shared project's contents can be shared views, queries and lists, further enhancing the ability to roll out pre-prepared information to all your users.

Shared URLs allows you to define access to information in IJC using a URL that other people can use to obtain an identical view point. This is best illustrated by means of an example with local database.

1. Opening shared project

Click to link demo.ijp to start Instant JChem JWS and open Demo shared project with local dabatabase:

2. Opening view and showing record

To open pubchem single record form and select record 999 (disodium 3,6-disulfonatonaphthalene-1,8-diol) click to this link.

3. Executing permanent query

This link opens Pubchem single record form and executes query

4. Charts Overview

This link opens form with chart widgets.

Charts Overview

5. Visualization Widgets in InstantJChem

This link opens form with different widget types implemented in InstantJChem.

New Widgets Overview

6. Conditional formating

This link shows table with used conditional formating.

Conditional Formating

7. Calculated fields

This link shows form with calculated fields.

Calculated fields

8. Useful links to documentation