About Us

ChemAxon provides cheminformatics software platforms, applications and services to optimize the value of chemistry information in life science and other R&D. Our mission is to enable scientists to manage their chemical and related data via an intuitive, powerful and cost effective informatics tools, developed together with our customers and partners.

Introducing ChemAxon


ChemAxon is privately owned with global headquarters in Budapest, US East Coast facility in Cambridge, MA, and sales and support offices in Europe, Japan and across North America. Founded by Ferenc Csizmadia and his brother in 1998, ChemAxon has since grown to become a leading cheminformatics company. The commitment and experience of the management combined with an empowering and collaborative attitude enables ChemAxon to deliver value and innovative products and solutions.

ChemAxon products and services focus on adding functionality and value to chemistry information, we believe in chemistry and as part of our building the community, we provide some free products for everyone, free use for free web sites (FreeWeb) and free use for academic research and teaching (Academic Package).


Our customers use ChemAxon technology for

  • Drug discovery and design
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Compound sourcing and inventory
  • Compound registration
  • Chemical information management
  • Patent analytics
  • Systems and applications integration
  • Collaboration environments
  • Chemistry education and publishing

See the Library for many example customer case studies.

A Collaborative Partner

ChemAxon understands cheminformatics and works closely with customers to ensure our software is delivering the required business benefits:

  • Industry leading performance and integration flexibility
  • More cost effective than other established alternatives
  • User driven and rapid cycle development
  • Flexible business models to fit your organization and minimize cost of ownership
  • Immediate value from high quality scientific software
  • Full support and services to reduce the risk and costs of migration and maximize ongoing ROI
  • Responsive support through onsite visits, consultancy, remote telephone/email helpdesk and user forums
  • R&D organizations benefit from both improved productivity and lower costs.


ChemAxon offers a choice of interoperable components to build cheminformatics platforms and/or provide specific chemistry capabilities:

  • Functionality covers all key cheminformatics needs from discovery to characterization, enumeration, screening, registration, optimization and beyond, ensuring high performance and consistency of chemistry throughout.
  • Software is Web and Cloud ready: Applet, .NET, SharePoint, Web Services, Java Web Start, JavaScript
  • Desktop and MS Office ready: Instant JChem (local and remote db access, bridge to ), JChem for Excel, OLE, standalone applications, MS SharePoint integration
  • Workflow integration: Available for KNIME, Pipeline Pilot and InforSense

By adopting industry standards, software installation is straightforward and customers can select the components and configuration to meet business goals.

Our Culture


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ChemAxon – despite the growing number of international offices – maintains the open and friendly culture encouraging the self-actualization of its employees worldwide. Our people – who have various skills and knowlege – share the vision of the big ChemAxon family, establishing the basis of our corporate culture.

ChemAxon employees are motivated to provide a high quality service and support for our client base offering a wide range of solutions for various problems – without losing the individual behind the company. Social events and interactions are encouraged within the office as well as outside work where people can share, discuss, cooperate and also have fun.