Author: Matthew Pustelnik


Development and Deployment of Reagent Logistics Solution Using JChem Base/Cartridge

Sep 27, 2011 - Presentation
Reagent logistics is a key process to enable drug discovery research. The information systems that facilitate this process allow scientists to identify, procure and track reagent samples.…

Compound Progression Workflow Process

Sep 25, 2012 - Presentation
Compound progression workflow process is a mechanism to track stage, status and actions of compounds within a project to streamline drug discovery operations. This is accomplished by prov…
Product: JChem Base

Just Another Chemical Query (ChemQ) Tool or Not

Sep 26, 2012 - Presentation
Chemists across diverse industries have the need to perform structure searching for both public and proprietary chemical databases. We set out to build a web-based application that could…
Product: JChem Base

Enterprise Deployment of JChem for Excel (JC4XL)

Sep 27, 2011 - Presentation
Life scientists have found Microsoft Excel to be an invaluable tool in managing and visualizing research data. ChemAxon’s JChem for Excel (JC4XL) enhances Excel’s capabilities by incl…

Building a Symbiotic Informatics Platform to Support Drug Discovery

Sep 30, 2015 - Presentation
Getting heterogeneous tools to “play nicely” in the Informatics sandbox At GBT we have built an Informatics platform leveraging and integrating common, industry standard tools to prov…

Developing a Compound Registration System utilizing ChemAxon's Oracle Cartridge and incorporating Web 2.0 concepts into research informatics

Aug 7, 2008 - Presentation
We have committed to web-based technologies to deliver research information systems to scientists. This talk will highlight the journey of developing a compound registration system that i…