Marvin for JavaScript released

Posted on November 22nd, 2012 at 3:38 pm by Eufrozina Hoffmann

This live JavaScript implementation is a light-weight chemical editor suitable for generating basic chemical structures and queries on modern web browser pages without installing Java. Further milestones will include a touch enabled version (Q1-2 2013) good for tablet and smartphone use with more features coming based on user demand.

The general architecture of the JavaScript implementation makes most frequently used features available on the client with heavyweight functions (like 2D clean, etc.) being performed on the server. This division of labour means fast load times for the user (this Beta is 161KB zipped) without sacrificing advanced functionality users expect.

Chemistry features in version 0.7. (User Guide)

  • Basic drawing and displaying features
  • Atom properties
  • Query atoms and bonds
  • Basic Templates
  • Valance check
  • Import/Export (Mol, Mrv included, other formats can be added.)
  • Stereo bonds
  • Basic Server Side Calculations (2D clean)

Technical featuresAPI

  • Undo-redo
  • Scrolling and moving around in the canvas
  • Basic keyboard shortcuts
  • Public API
  • Download size161 KB

[cta_button role=”primary” size=”medium” action=”download” title=”Download Marvin for JavaScript” url=”/download/marvin/for-javascript/”]

Marvin for JavaScript can be extended with server side logic. It is bundled with a lightweight Clean 2D Webservice that you can install optionally. The bundled webservice can be replaced with the user’s own implementation without causing any problem in the usage.

Whats coming soon – Keep an eye out for these features over the next couple of months.

  • Abbreviated Groups,
  • Displaying stereo (R/S; E/Z)
  • Enhanced stereo editing/displaying
  • Atomlist/Not list
  • Link nodes

Note for web site admins

Marvin for JavaScript, like MarvinSketch/View and our chemical IT platform toolkit is free for non-commercial & no login websites, under our FreeWeb package.

Tell us what you think!

15Responses to “Marvin for JavaScript released”

  1. drc_007 says:


    This is very nice. I like the uncluttered look to the interface.

    It would be nice to import/export SMILES.

    It would be useful to save the image as PDF or PNG for embedding in other documents



  2. ausyur says:


    But export to SMILES, PDF and PNG would be nice!

  3. DrJimmy says:

    Great job - this is a really good development! One small suggestion - it would be useful if bond drawing behaved as in the the other MarvinSketch products - ie clicking added a bond. At the moment, one has to click and drag to draw a bond.

  4. Internetchemie says:

    Hello to all!
    • Import/Export (Mol, Mrv included, other formats can be added.)! - How? (JPEG, PNG etc.)
    A nice day ...

  5. luca.fenu says:

    Excellent tool! I'll see if I can use it instead of Marvin's good old applet.

    Really looking forward to a touch-compatible version...

  6. Eufrozina Hoffmann says:

    Dear All,
    Thank you for the nice feedback.

    SMILES, PDF, PNG, JPEG: we are planning to do with a tight integration with the JChem Web Services of Chemaxon, currently we do not have it ready, but this is in our plans. Until then we can implement it, you can write your own Javascript implementation - that calls a server which uses for example the MarvinBeans package and call these functions from server - anytime.

    DrJimmy: Thanks for the tip. We can do it in one of the next versions.

  7. tjodonnell says:

    Looks great, but I couldn't get it to work using firefox 17.0 on osx. Safari worked fine.

  8. giribio says:

    This is really great idea and utility compared to other online tools especially which can be used in webpages freely. Check out our implementation: The editor is working fine in my Android Mobile phone (Touch screen) and Ipad browsers smoothly. Thanks ChemAxon....

  9. Eufrozina Hoffmann says:

    Thank you, I am happy that you like it. I think it will be even better when the special gestures and GUI elements for touch devices will be released in 2013. Please do not forget that it is free only for evaluation purposes.

  10. jasiedu says:

    The lack of import/export SMILES is a show stopper for us. So i guess we would continue to use Marvin Sketch (even though our users hate it) until this is addressed

  11. mwirth says:

    Looks really great and clean. Good work Chemaxon team!

    I'd love to replace the heavyweight Marvin Sketch Applets at by this sketcher.

    Therefore, I also would need a SMILES export functionality and the possibility to draw R1-R3 atom types. Any idea if and when this will be happening? Cheers!

  12. DrJimmy says:

    Another small request - keyboard shortcuts enabled for + and - charge.

  13. Eufrozina Hoffmann says:

    Based on your feedback we decided that we will introduce SMILES import/export functionality in the next release (v0.8), but as I mention before we will implement it from server side via JChem webservice.

    mwirth: What do you mean drawing R1-R3 atom type? Only the atoms for the root structure or the related R-group definition as well?

    • mwirth says:

      Eufrozina: I would like to assign the atomtype R1-R3 to a particular atom in the interface. So when I would extract the SMILES, the atom would be labeled R1, R2 etc in the string.

  14. Quentin Delettre says:

    Any 3D implementation planned ?

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