Services to help you evaluate, deploy, adopt and extend the utility of ChemAxon and others informatics within your research processes.

Example engagements

Reaction data warehouse

Generic applications

registration, inventory, reporting, collaboration, etc.


Large pharma client was unable to consolidate reactions from its legacy informatics platform, or from new reactions being created within its Electronic Laboratory Notebook, used throughout the enterprise. Further the client wanted a single point of access to search and filter all in-house reaction information which was easy to maintain and flexible.


ChemAxon worked with the client to consolidate legacy reactions to a single reaction data warehouse and created a connection between the warehouse and its Electronic Laboratory Notebook system to give a single, continually updating repository for all reaction data. ChemAxon further created a AJAX driven interface where any user could explore the warehouse content and the client’s developers could extend the system through standard Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Services.

Compound Registration System migration

Delivering custom applications

multiple platforms, R&D toolkits

Migration support

planning, commissioning, data migration, training


Large pharma client had adopted ChemAxon platform technology but its registration system was a third party solution based on legacy platform. Client further wished to simplify the registration process and move more of the decision making from registrars to the original submitting chemist. Client also wanted batch migration technologies and services to populate the system before deploying.


ChemAxon developed new technology and integrated with existing ChemAxon toolkits to deliver an advanced web-based registration system, which was able to apply business rules to more closely define each molecule’s novelty, simplifying the registration submission process and giving more confidence in registration accuracy. The solution required extensive enterprise features such as staging, user management, auditing and deletion undo to comply with the expectations of a 24 hour global research enterprise. The solution has enabled the client to reduce manual registration events by 70%.

Why Choose ChemAxon Consultancy?

End to end service

Consultancy clients are often looking for a turnkey solution and we can provide suitable resources for each step in the process. From scoping and solution outline through development and pilot we use strong communication to ensure the suitability of the final deliverable. Often much of the work we do is in directly migrating clients content and legacy processes and again we can apply and develop our technology and provide resources to bring the entire system to a completed state ready for handover and immediate deployment. We also provide training or even embedded staff to ensure adoption and future development of our solutions improving ROI from the work.

Broad technology platform

ChemAxon technology is made by ChemAxon and in most cases original developers remain on staff to quickly and expertly scope required development and work with other internal and external teams toward complete integration. Because of ChemAxon’s wide application area we have experience with most relevant third party technologies, programming languages and standards, particularly newer web focused standards.


Our consultancy team is composed of 3 main groups. Our consultants have industry experience applying ChemAxon and others technologies to solve real problems faced by our clients: Our product development teams who can implement features needed for a solution into our products: Our Application Scientists who understand the technical and scientific scope of the solution and are able to train and provide direct support toward better adoption.

Global and varied team

With people across Europe, the Americas and strong partnerships in India, China and Japan we are able to provide relevant, often local, resources quickly. Within the consultancy group our experience with global colleagues and frequent and extensive communication ensures the relevance and quality of our solution wherever it is to be used.

Defined scope, cost and delivery

ChemAxon Consultancy is developed to allow clients to get more from their current ChemAxon licenses and RnD spend. Upon specification, we can provide a fixed cost for any engagement as well as defined delivery dates so you can be confident in solving the problem when you expect at a cost you have budgeted for. Additionally we have experience with other models such as short cycle open development, time and materials based engagements or fixed or flexible term embedded staff.

Future proofing

ChemAxon wants your features. Rather than build bespoke solutions we try to add bespoke features to existing products or build new products so to make our products stronger and ensure that the features continue to be supported in future versions. Often we find that bespoke features are adopted by our user community and requests for related features further extend the capabilities of our products giving our consultancy clients the potential to extend the utility of our initial deliverable into the future.

Strong communication and knowledge transfer

Our consultancy practice is interested in enabling your development and progress. Throughout the engagement we work with clients to understand their processes and people so the solution is most relevant. During solution handover and after deployment we work with the client to transfer the technology and the understanding of the solution so that our clients are free to take the project forward without further need for ChemAxon consultancy.

It’s Your Turn!

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