253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition

April 2017

April 2-6, 2017
San Francisco, CA, US

Listen to our presentation on Monday April 3rd about Marvin JS and Smartwork5: Tools for online chemistry education.

Details about the presentation:

Division: Division of Chemical Education
Session : Advances in e-Learning & Online Chemical Education
Day & time of our presentation: Monday, April, 03, 2017 from 8:35 AM – 8:55 AM
Room & location: Salon 6 – San Francisco Marriott Marquis

The presentation abstract:

Recent reports and surveys show that the popularity of online undergraduate programs is growing, especially among those under the age of 25. To keep up with online course demands, teachers began to adopt electronic homework assignments as a convenient way to disseminate information, grade assessments, and provide feedback to students. In return, students began to rely on electronic homework as a common learning and assessment tool. While easy access to an electronic device is no longer an issue for most students, specialized computer tools and programs are still generally required for science curriculum’s. In the case of chemistry, special drawing tools are absolutely necessary for drawing molecular structures, composing chemical reactions, and writing reaction mechanisms – to name just a few.
ChemAxon, a leader in cheminformatics solutions, is also a strong academia supporter offering chemical drawing tools perfectly tailored for online education. As such, one can choose Marvin Sketch for desktop deployment, or Marvin JS which can be embedded in any web-based application to enhance existing learning tools. Smartwork5 is the new tablet-compatible and intuitive online homework system built by the employee-owned publishing company W.W. Norton, Inc. Marvin JS is incorporated into the chemistry curriculum of SmartWork5 to provide a user-friendly interface and optimal student learning experience.
In our upcoming presentation we’ll display a powerful engine to support online chemical education – where anyone can assign an unparalleled range of chemistry questions, provide hints to guide students towards the solutions, and answer-specific feedback for effective coaching. With the guidance of these applications students can receive the help they need, when they need it.

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