Cosmetic 360

October 2017

October 18-19, 2017
Paris, France

For precisely 20 years ChemAxon has been a leading chemical and biological software development company that specializes in structure data management and analysis for drug discovery and life science operations. Our applications are used extensively in major discovery and development research, as well as the publishing community, fragrance and flavors research – in addition to petroleum and fine chemicals development also.
As a long-term and reliable cheminformatics platform provider of major pharmaceutical giants, ChemAxon is opening towards cosmetics.

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ChemAxon’s integrated set of applications address the data management, informatics and scientific businesses intelligence needs of R&D organizations. In the video we highlight the most wanted features in the areas of knowledge-management and data extraction. Learn how CXN helps users reach a wide array of knowledge bases, both in-house and externally, such: as PubChem, SureChembl, Zinc, SciFinder, Reaxys. Benefit from the power of real-time database cross-check within a single platform. Extract chemical information, Markush structures and related assay data from patents, journal articles, make your SharePoint and MS Office chemically aware. Transfer data to 3rd party applications like -ELNs and inventory systems, or access your favourite CXN tools via KNIME or Pipeline Pilot.

About the conference

There is now an international exhibition dedicated to innovations and solutions for the perfumery & cosmetics industry. Cosmetic 360 expects you next October 18th & 19th at Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Ingredients, formulations, packaging, tests, finished products… will amaze you with technologies, processes, concepts & services. A genuine forum for exchange and discovery of innovation, Cosmetic 360 offers an opportunity to find out about the latest innovations and the beauty services of tomorrow. All forms of innovation are included: Technological innovations, Product innovations, Innovations in processes, Innovations in services. Coverage of the entire cosmetics and fragrances sector.

Meet us at the Cosmetic 360 Conference.