East meets West 2017

April 2017

April 6-7, 2017
Vienna, Austria

Meet us there and learn more about our Chemicalize at the poster session.
Chemicalize is an online cheminformatics platform inspired by ChemAxon’s market leading chemical calculations, naming and search technology.

Benefits for students and teachers
Students and teachers can get unlimited access to industry standard cheminformatics solutions used by top pharmaceutical companies. They can utilize tools in various chemistry related classes, help to prepare for exams, or as support for your research projects. The service is a fully cloud-based and accessible online through common web browsers, so it is readily available anytime – anywhere.

Benefits for the universities
Universities can offer complete cutting edge cheminformatics solutions to all their students and teachers in a simple and cost-effective way. All functions are available at a discounted and fixed-price for institutional subscriptions without any further costs. The service is fully online and cloud-based, so no effort from your IT department is required.

What is included?

Chemical calculations: including structural calculations, molecule visualization, logP, pKa, solubility predictions and IUPAC naming. This module is ideal for a deeper understanding of structure and physicochemical property relationships or complicated organic chemical naming rules. It can be used as part of: standard classes, preparing for exams, or supporting your research.

With our chemical structure search and chemically intelligent document search, you are able to explore our continuously growing and up-to-date patent and journal database containing millions of documents. Chemicalize search will be a valuable part of your literature search strategy; whether you simply want to complete your homework, collect data for your publication or research project.

The Compliance Checker module offers instant legal support for your research. Check if your compounds are in compliance with international regulations in almost any country by using our always up-to-date, market leader regulated compounds database. You can also use the module as part of classes for demonstrating the complexity and importance of national regulations in the field of synthetic chemistry.

Simply visit chemicalize.com, register online and try it yourself. If you would like to hear more about our tailored offers for Universities, feel free to contact us at sales@chemaxon.com.

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