ChemAxon User Group Meeting in Seoul Sept 20, 2017


ChemAxon will present its strategical roadmap and introduce its latest products (Plexus Suite, MadFast Similarity Search, ChemLocator, Biomolecule Toolkit, Marvin Live and more). User presentations will add user perspective to the meeting.


September 20 th, 2017 ~ 10 am – 5.20 pm


Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel



September 20 – Wednesday


Introduction of core systems and examples of their use

  • Overview presentation of ChemAxon portfolio – the full picture before zooming into the details
  • Extracting chemical information from literature – presentation by KISTI
  • ChemAxon’s core: the JChem search engines
  • Registering novel compounds into your system, and further analyze it with Instant JChem on desktop; or with Plexus Suite on the web
  • Share and search chemical data amongst medicinal chemists – presentation by Pharos I&BT
Supporting Medicinal Chemists: Tools and Examples

  • Ultra-fast structural search technology: MadFast Similarity Search, JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge
  • Marvin Live to provide a “place” of structural design
  • Web-based management system for High-Energy Molecules(HEMs) – presentation by Hannam University
  • Building a pharmaceutical workflow with ChemAxon tools – presentation by Quantumsoft
  • Enumerating Markush structures in MS Excel environment – presentation by Ildong Pharmaceuticals
Solutions for biopharmaceutical research

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