User Meeting Budapest 2017

ChemAxon’s 13th European User Meeting will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 9th-11th, at the Hotel Novotel Budapest Centrum. The Meeting will include presentations from ChemAxon users, partners and developers with opportunity to network with peers and meet with developers.



Plenty of opportunities to learn & network

We strive to let you dive into ChemAxon news and learn about what we have to offer you. Our satellite meetings (on May 9) will give you an opportunity to learn and use our tools. The general meeting (on May 10-11) aims to show the hottest news and interesting use cases. Social events will make networking easy to keep ideas flowing.
Tuesday, May 9th
We will start our meeting with satellite events. From 9 am you can go through a small drug design workflow on our hands-on workshop trying our newest tools. Round Table Session will follow in our offices, buses will leave the event hotel at 4 pm. In the evening of the satellite day we will have a Garden Party. Bus leaves from the event hotel at 6 pm to the ChemAxon offices.
Wednesday, May 10th
First day of our user meeting, registration starts from 8 am. You can find the agenda here, or scrolling down on this page. After the last talk, from 6 pm we will have our main social.
Thursday, May 11th
The second and also the closing day of our meeting.


The cost of the 3 day User Meeting is 500 € for corporate attendees and 250 € for academics. The cost includes all satellite meeting on 9th of May, all breaks, lunches and the social programs.

ChemAxon Partner participation

ChemAxon technology isn’t just available from ChemAxon. We will hold a Partners’ lightning round session highlighting how our technologies compliment the products and services of our Partners. Partners’ table-top exhibition: Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, partners will be available at exhibition sessions where attendees can meet and find out more about partner products and services. For more details on partners’ participation please contact János Fejérvári.


The Hotel Novotel Centrum Budapest will host our User Meeting in Budapest. Note that the hotel tends to fill quickly so reserve accommodation early. Book your room here to get the nicest price while staying in Budapest.

Getting there



Tuesday 9th

Starts at
8:30 am

Where? – On the first floor of the event hotel, in the so called Palace Room.

9:00 am

Who should attend?

We invite all chemists and biologists as well as researchers from related fields to our hands-on training. The workshop will allow for people new to ChemAxon to get started with our applications, and also provide a deeper insight into our technology for more experienced users.

Topics covered

During this workshop we will cover a small discovery workflow which will involve the extraction of chemically relevant information from scientific papers, single molecule design in teams, registration of compounds as well as the usage of enumeration tools and molecule databases and will conclude in the processing of the resulting information in MS Excel. All steps will be carried out using ChemAxon’s latest tools, including but not limited to ChemLocator, Marvin Live, Compound Registration, the Plexus Suite and JChem for Office. Attendees will have a chance to discuss any practical and theoretical questions that come up during the session or in their everyday work with our application scientists and scientific consultants during and after the workshop.

Registration & Practical info

If you want to participate on the workshop at no extra cost to our User Meeting, please register here. Please bring a laptop with you to participate in this event, we want to show how our tools work on your machine.

9:00 am

Technical Workshop about ChemAxon’s Plans to Provide Solutions on the Cloud

Parallel to the hands-on workshop for scientists, we invite those with technical background to a workshop as well. We will start this workshop with describing our cloud plans centered around the ChemAxon Synergy concept. After introducing and demoing the prototype, we will have a brief discussion about the plans to bring everyone to the same page. Following that we will get our hands dirty, and show you around in Synergy’s coding environment. Please, bring along your laptop and even your developer environment on it, and we will try our best to insert it into ChemAxon Synergy in the second part of the workshop. If you do not have anything to plug into Synergy, but you are interested; we can set up a test environment on your laptop.
12:30 pm
4:30 pm

The workshop program will end at around 3.30 pm. After the workshop we invite you to our offices. Here we will form focused discussion groups around a couple of R&D IT related industry issues. The suggested topics for round table discussions will serve as starting point and the audience will guide the conversation. We will have moderators and technical people there to discuss topics in detail and answer questions. A bus will leave the event hotel at around 4 pm. If you did not participate on our workshop, but you are in the event hotel and you want to join to the discussions, meet us in the event hotel’s lobby. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your tailored issues with our developers, scientists and business people on one-on-one meetings.

Exact topics to be announced soon.

6:30 pm

Following the Round Table Discussions we’d like to welcome all of our attendees to a garden party with dinner at our offices, close to the old Danube.
If you do not want to participate on the Round Table Discussion or you just arrive later, there will be a second bus from the event hotel to our offices at 6 pm. If you choose this option please gather in the lobby of the hotel.
Transportation back to the event hotel will be provided.

Wednesday 10th

Starts at
8:00 am

Where? – On the first floor of the event hotel, in the so called Zsolnay Room.

9:00 am

We will kick off our meeting with an overview of our last year, and also have John Overington on our stage with a keynote speech. Right at the beginning we would like to give our audience a general understanding of ChemAxon’s available solutions and tools. We will briefly introduce all our available software. This way we will demonstrate how our tools connect to each other offering a solution for a number of problems. We will cover future development plans and also the introduction of the new members of our product portfolio.
10:30 am

In the breaks of the meeting you will have the opportunity to discuss ChemAxon products more in details at our demo stations, read through the scientific posters exhibited, and chat with ChemAxon partners about their solutions. Our partners will have a small exhibition area in the lobby of the meeting room where coffee will be served too. This way you can catch some interesting topics between two sips.

11:00 am

Creating and designing compounds are highly important parts of any chemical research workflow, just like running calculations and predicting certain behavior or phys-chem properties. This session will be built around Marvin JS, Marvin Live and the connecting calculations and naming plugins. User talks in this session from (this list might be extended):
  • University of Prague – introducing their e-learning platform that integrated Marvin JS.
  • Douglas Connect – speaking about a testing system to estimate skin sensitization potency, relying on ChemAxon calculators
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences – wrapping up the results of a long research based on our 2D and 3D screening methodologies
  • Sprint Biosciences – summing up their experiences in working with Marvin Live
1:00 pm
2:00 pm

You can meet our partners at their table-exhibits in the lobby of the general session room any time during the user meeting. But the first session of the afternoon will be dedicated to our partners in the main program too.
Our partners will give a brief overview of how they implemented ChemAxon tools and how they extend our solutions. For the exact list of presenters please come back later.

4:00 pm

This session will focus on use cases where our robust back-end platform tools serve as the major element of the cheminformatics infrastructure. We will introduce our JChem technologies and the new MadFast Similarity Search. User talks in this session from (this list will be extended):
  • Merck KGaA – talking about the cooperation of the two companies in the past few years, that resulted in moving to our platform and extending it with several ChemAxon software solutions
6:00 pm

The evening of the first meeting day hosts our traditional Gala Dinner. With this event we want to bring you closer to our host city. In 2017 a boat, called MS Primus will host our gala event. After boarding the boat you only have to care about the delicious dinner, the nice view of the illuminated city and your peers. Buses will leave the event hotel at 6 pm to reach the venue at around 6.30 pm.

Thursday 11th

Starts at
8:30 am

Where? – On the first floor of the event hotel, in the so called Zsolnay Room.

9:00 am

On the very first day most of the use cases focused on creating and storing chemical data. This session will highlight presentations where scientists can register their new compounds into corporate databases, and manage their data set. We will talk about our Biomolecule Toolkit, the Compound Registration solution, about Instant JChem and its new web-based counterpart, the Plexus Connect; and also about JChem for Office. User talks in this session from (this list will be extended):
  • IDBS – introducing the E-WorkBook with our Biomolecule Toolkit
  • Hungarian Institute of Enzymology – describing their workflow with Plexus Connect
12:45 pm
1:45 pm

All companies face the problem of organizing the vast number of documents generated during the R&D process, and above all to make relevant information available for the entire organization. This session will include use cases where chemical data annotation and extraction will get in the focus. We will introduce our naming technology and the new ChemLocator. The second part of the session will highlight special use cases, where analyzing and curating chemical patents and Markush structures will be demonstrated. Here we will describe the usage of our ChemCurator tool. User talks in this session from (this list might be extended):
  • Questel – describing the experiences of working with ChemAxon’s naming capabilities
  • Nestlé – speaking about the usage of ChemCurator from KNIME

Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or requirements about the ChemAxon User Meeting feel free to contact János Fejérvári.