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plugin API
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Link to postPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 3:18 pmPost subject: Re: plugin API Reply with quote

Sample API usage can be found in the API doc class header of
chemaxon.marvin.plugin.CalculatorPlugin and some of the specific plugin classes, e.g. chemaxon.marvin.calculations.pKaPlugin.
Refer to:
generic example and logP example:
pKa example:
logD is similar, you can see its specific parameter settings and result getting methods in the API:

ChemAxon also has a command line tool for accessing plugin calculations (cxcalc), for example you can run pKa calculation
for an input SDF file by typing:
cxcalc pka target.sdf
you can also get plugin specific help on plugin parameters by:
cxcalc pka -h

See the cxcalc user documentation for details:
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