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Academic License – Research and Training

Academic License:

  • For teachers: tools for teaching, including licenses to allow students of the department to use during tuition.
  • For researchers: recurring 2 year provision of ChemAxon tools for individual academic researchers.

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Single-click evaluation of all tools

Free automatic 3-day evaluation. Visit your evaluations page to choose an evaluation license for the products you want to buy.

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Free for non-corporate users

  • MarvinSketch, MarvinView and MarvinSpace applets:
    • Scientific or technical publications available on the Internet.
    • Static web pages displaying structures.
    • It is also allowed that the page downloads the applet from /marvin/.

  • MarvinSketch, MarvinView, MarvinSpace and MolConverter applications:
    • For desktop, if they are not used as integral parts of other applications and if you are not using it for your work at a commercial organization.

  • JChem for Excel:
    • Without license can be used as a viewer – chemical search and edit are not supported without the license but it is possible to view files generated by the licensed version.

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FreeWeb License – non-commercial websites

The program provides all the technology required to set up chemical communications and structure database storage, management and search capabilities for non-commercial, freely accessible web servers and pages. Read about How to apply and the conditions.

Provision includes:

  • MarvinSketch, MarvinView and MarvinSpace applets
  • Marvin JS
  • All Calculator Plugins – for held content only. Users may not perform calculations on structures drawn by site users.
  • JChem Base/JChem Cartridge
  • Standardizer
  • JChem Web Services

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Not free but discounted

  • Academic discounts: Where our free provision is not suitable, for instance where commercial relationships prohibit use of our Academic Package, we provide academic discounts for all products. Read more about the Academic Commercial License.

  • Start-up discounts: We can provide discounts for start up companies and deffered payment plans depending on your situation.Contact us to find out more.

  • Non profit discounts: We provide discounts on all products for non profit organisations.

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