FreeWeb License conditions

We like chemistry and we like the web, so we introduced the FreeWeb License program which lets the owners/managers of non commercial and no login websites and portals to use ChemAxon’s technology to add chemical representation, search and structure property prediction to their sites at no cost.

What does the FreeWeb license include?

How to obtain and maintain a ChemAxon FreeWeb License?

  1. First you need to register on our website using your institutional email address.
  2. Read the general conditions and apply for the free license by describing your project and providing a URL of the relevant (demo) page if you think you will fulfill our requirements.
  3. Your application will be reviewed. We may need additional details during the acceptance process.
  4. Once your application is accepted, you will be notified and the license file for the listed products will be sent to your institutional email address.
  5. You must maintain the accuracy of your application. If the circumstances of the site change, you need to ensure that it continues to comply with the FreeWeb license terms. To review or amend your application please contact us.
  6. To access the software you should visit the download page and select the software required.

If you have any questions about how to apply for, maintain or access software provided under the FreeWeb License conditions please visit our Support Forum.

General conditions of offer

  1. The FreeWeb License is assigned only to named individuals or groups (organizations, institutions or companies, or consortia, units, departments of legal entities) who make a freely accessible (no login) and non-commercial (not commercial or related to any commercial activity either directly or as a means of promoting or soliciting business) web site.
  2. The term of the license is two years, subsequent licenses will be provided by ChemAxon upon request.
  3. The license keys cannot be transferred beyond the named individuals or groups for the website to whom originally granted.
  4. Only ChemAxon software listed above is included in the FreeWeb License.
  5. Calculator Plugins can also be used but only for structural content held by the website. The FreeWeb may not use license keys of the provided software to enable structure based calculations provided by Marvin interface or to perform structure based calculations on structures submitted or drawn by site users.
  6. ChemAxon makes no charge for the provided software offered within the FreeWeb License.
  7. ChemAxon makes no charge for software upgrades or support provided via the Technical Support Forum for software provided within the FreeWeb License.
  8. Neither the licensee, commercial or academic partners nor any of its employees (if applicable) will receive funds or payments in kind related to the performance of the provided software.
  9. Neither the licensee, commercial or academic partners nor any of its employees (if applicable) will receive direct or indirect revenues, incomes or payments of any kind generated, resulted by or related to the content of the web site (e.g. no advertisement allowed on the site).
  10. No products, applications, services or any other delivery of software performance which contains the provided software are allowed without the written permission of ChemAxon.
  11. All implementations of provided software should credit ChemAxon by placing a logo (image here) with a link to, on all the relevant pages or sections of the implementation where the software is providing functionality or content.
  12. Any publications or presentations (if any) based upon implementations or data generated by provided software must cite ChemAxon. For specific citation information please see our details located here. Where Calculator Plugin result comparisons are being studied written permission from ChemAxon is required before publication.
  13. Applicants and license holders must remain familiar with the conditions of the FreeWeb License and maintain the accuracy of their applications according to the requested information and respond to requests to confirm the accuracy of application details.
  14. ChemAxon’s FreeWeb License is a community driven effort, licensees should, whenever possible, make efforts to support other ChemAxon users through contributing code to the “Contribute” thread of the Technical Support Forum.
  15. ChemAxon reserves the right to alter the conditions of the FreeWeb License at any time. Any changes to these conditions will be posted on this page.

Logos and links

Where ChemAxon is providing free software for your pages, please include this logo in those pages where our technology provides content and/or in the site credit area and link this to