Hosted Services

Use ChemAxon to help you design, build and deploy your future IT infrastructure off-site using ChemAxon hosting services


ChemAxon provides the highest performance, web ready chemistry applications and development toolkits in the industry today. As well as out the box solutions, our in-house product developers, consultancy and over 30 technology partners can meet your needs.

Flexible and Simple

Our hosting services delivers secure, distributed, scalable systems which can change and grow with your R&D. Centralised granular permissions controls make management of projects and roles robust, straightforward and quick.


Working with your existing architecture and needs we can implement a system to minimise disruption to your research as well as enterprise tools and services for data migration. Our professional training will get your teams up and running quickly.


  • Fast set up
  • Lower up front costs and predictable monthly costs
  • Design and implementation of basic and advanced system/data model
  • Scalable hardware and global deployment
  • Online resources and tailored onsite or online training to ensure adoption
  • Industry leading security and compliance
  • Best in class chemistry and enterprise integration

It’s Your Turn!

For more information contact the our hosted team: