Feature Parade for Instant JChem 5.5.0

This page describes new features in IJC 5.5.0. See here for a description of other versions. IJC 5.5.0 was a major feature upgrade:

Improvements to reactor

Substantial improvements to the reactor integration turns IJC into a serious library generation and analysis tool. The key features follow, but much of the benefit comes from using the IJC Viz charting features on the enumerated library, as well as the ability to calculate/predict molecular properties of reactants and products using chemical terms fields.

Copy fields from reactants to products

copy fields

Reactor runtime options

A wider range of runtime options for reactor are now available, allowing more control over what reactor generates.

reactor runtime options

Improvements to charts

Radar chart type added

radar chart

Colour by category for scatter plot and histogram charts.

charts with categories

Improvements to forms

form options

Zip/unzip local databases

API examples tutorials re-organised

New ways of handling groups in LDAP or Active Directory


Schema Editor




Other miscellaneous improvements

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