Class Operators.AllDataOperator

  extended by
      extended by
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public static class Operators.AllDataOperator
extends DFOperator

Represents all data.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Class<? extends DFFieldDataTypeCapability> getReturnType(List<DFTerm> operands)
          Compute the return type of the term.
 boolean isFieldAcceptableAsOperand(DFField field)
          This is just an utility method which must be implemented by subclasses.
 Object[] parseOperands(DFField field, String operands)
 String toString(List<DFTerm> operands)
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Constructor Detail


public Operators.AllDataOperator()
Method Detail


public Class<? extends DFFieldDataTypeCapability> getReturnType(List<DFTerm> operands)
Description copied from class: DFOperator
Compute the return type of the term. Can return null if it cannot be determined.

Specified by:
getReturnType in class DFOperator
operands - The operands for the computation of return type. The result can be different for different set of operands.
The class which is subclass of DFFieldDataTypeCapability or null


public boolean isFieldAcceptableAsOperand(DFField field)
Description copied from class: DFOperator
This is just an utility method which must be implemented by subclasses. It test if the given field is acceptable as operand for this DFOperator. It can return true even for fields which are recognized as invalid later. This is just rough test in the beginning of validation to filter inappropriate fields.

For example some operator takes two operands of different types (text, integer,...), but both must be of the same type. In this case this method returns true for all text, integer etc. fields, but if you use combination of [text, integer] as operands, it will be invalid.

Specified by:
isFieldAcceptableAsOperand in class DFOperator
field - The field to be tested
True if field seems to be acceptable, false otherwise.


public Object[] parseOperands(DFField field,
                              String operands)
                       throws IllegalArgumentException
Specified by:
parseOperands in class DFOperator


public String toString(List<DFTerm> operands)
toString in class DFOperator