Class Operators.BetweenOperator

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public static class Operators.BetweenOperator
extends Operators.SimpleFieldValuesOperator

A special class for Between operator.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String getToStringPart(List<DFTerm> operands, int index)
          Get the part of the complete DFOperator.toString(java.util.List) method result.
 Object[] parseOperands(DFField field, String operands)
 void validate(DFDataTree dataTree, List<DFTerm> operands, Map<String,Object> options, TermErrors errors)
          Validate the operands in context of this operator.
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Constructor Detail


public Operators.BetweenOperator()
Method Detail


public String getToStringPart(List<DFTerm> operands,
                              int index)
Description copied from class: DFOperator
Get the part of the complete DFOperator.toString(java.util.List) method result. This method can be overriden by subclasses so each operator can provide specific form of String representation.

For example for binary operator is this method called 3 times: for indexes 0, 1 and 2. The index=0 means it's string before the first operand, index=1 is string between operands and index=2 is after the second operand. For operator LESS_THAN it should return: index=0 => "", index=1 => " less than ", and for index=2 => "".

This method allow subclass to reuse the generic code from DFOperator.toString(java.util.List) and change the own notation (e.g. "[molW %lt; 15]" => "[%lt; moW, 15]" etc.).

getToStringPart in class DFOperator
operands - The list of all operands
index - The index of String [0..operands.size()]
The indexed part of whole DFOperator.toString(java.util.List) method.


public Object[] parseOperands(DFField field,
                              String operands)
                       throws IllegalArgumentException
parseOperands in class Operators.SimpleFieldValuesOperator


public void validate(DFDataTree dataTree,
                     List<DFTerm> operands,
                     Map<String,Object> options,
                     TermErrors errors)
Description copied from class: DFOperator
Validate the operands in context of this operator. It's up to operator to decide if it accepts the given operands or not. This method is called from DFTerm.validate(

validate in class Operators.SimpleFieldValuesOperator
dataTree - The datatree where this operator will be used
operands - The list of operands
options - Options of this query term (DFTermExpression.getOptions()
errors - The errors object which contains the result of the validation