Interface RenderersBinding

public interface RenderersBinding

This interface is only namespace for its sub-interfaces. Some renderers want to be associated with certain items, such as DFField, DFResultSet, etc. (see the individual sub-interfaces) to be able to render their content. To achieve such association, renderer is supposed to implement one or more of the sub-interfaces. The IJC then, during binding process, ensures that the renderer is populated with the wanted informations (see the method of individual sub-interfaces) and thus ready for rendering its content, using the informations.

Nested Class Summary
static interface RenderersBinding.Classifier
          Renderer associated with a classifier.
static interface RenderersBinding.Entity
          Renderer associated with an entity.
static interface RenderersBinding.Field
          Renderer associated with a field.
static interface RenderersBinding.Renderer
          Previously selected renderer which will be used to copy the visual properties.
static interface RenderersBinding.ResultSet
          Renderer associated with a result set.