Institution: Martin Consulting


Tautomers: A Rant

Sep 15, 2009 - Presentation
Approximately 25% of all drug-like molecules exist as more than one tautomeric form. This affects all aspects of computer-aided molecular design. One challenge is that frequently biomacro…

Perspiration, Inspiration, and Happenstance in Scientific Discoveries

May 18, 2011 - Presentation
This presentation will include the mostly unwritten stories of how and why QSAR, SMILES, CLOGP, DISCO pharmacophore detection, 3D searching, and CONCORD were discovered. Hint: these inve…

ChemAxon US User Group Meeting, September 25-26, Cambridge Massachusetts

Dec 18, 2014 - Report
Conclusion Attendees and Social Events Overview of ChemAxon by Alex Drijver The ChemAxon Product Profile Biomolecule Toolkit Plexus Suite Compliance Checker ChemCurator Ma…

ChemAxon’s 2013 European User Group Meeting Report

Jul 3, 2013 - Report
Summary Social Aspects and Demographics Keynote About the ChemAxon presentations Desktop track: Applications for chemists Platform Session: Toolkits for building systems and serv…