Evolution of the ChemAxon product portfolio

May 20, 2014 - Presentation
ChemAxon has been developing chemical data management tools, toolkits and applications for 16 years, primarily to the life science industry. Over this time, changes in the industry and te…

Analysis of the NCI60 drug toxicity patterns using ChemAxon's 3D alignment tool

May 20, 2014 - Poster
The NCI-60 panel is a collection of 60 human cancerous cell lines maintained by the National Cancer Institute. Since 1990 more than 100,000 chemical compounds and natural products have be…

ChemAxon European User Meeting, Budapest, May 9-11, 2017

May 9, 2017 - In Press
is used as structure editor in the system. Plexus Design is used for enumeration. A shopping list can be constructed. Marvin Live is customizable and versatile but Fredrik made three sugg…