Synergies between ChemAxon's chemicalize and other open resources to extract structures from patents, discern SAR, and find intersects or similarities in PubChem.

May 23, 2012 - Presentation
Evaluation of indicates it not only complements and benchmarks commercial patent databases but also for academic groups interested in interrogating only small sections of …
Product group: Naming
southan, SureChemOpen, PubChem and the InChIKey: A heavenly conjunction with transformative utility

May 29, 2013 - Presentation
The ChemAxon Name to Structure functionality is not only a component of the SureChem patent extraction pipeline but also powers Both operations are now submitting source…

Extracting and connecting chemical structures from text sources using

Apr 23, 2013 - Publication
Background Exploring bioactive chemistry requires navigating between structures and data from a variety of text-based sources. While PubChem currently includes approximately 16 million do…

Naming and

Sep 15, 2010 - Presentation
We will present improvements in our name to structure and structure to name tools. We also demonstrate the extraction of chemical structure from their names occurring in text documents, w…
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Extracting Chemical Information within Documents - from Desktop to Enterprise

Sep 25, 2013 - Presentation
By providing reliable name to structure conversion, Naming has become the backbone of ChemAxon’s chemical text mining tools, such as Document to Structure, JChem for SharePoint and …

Supporting Open Innovation with Novel Software Solutions

Nov 14, 2012 - Poster
As pharma companies find themselves in an increasingly tight corner regarding pharmageddon less and less money is available for primary research. This has led to the rapid rise of Open In…

IUPAC Naming and

Sep 16, 2009 - Presentation
A very large number of webpages, patents, text, office and PDF documents contain chemical names, which constitute valuable information. However, since the names are mixed in the text, wit…

Crowdsourcing New Chemical Entities: Development of a Submission Interface to Assess Relevance for Open Innovation Projects

May 28, 2013 - Poster
While outsourcing discovery research is a well-established process, crowdsourcing in a discovery research environment is a much newer approach. The authors report on the development of an…

Demonstration of Naming Technology, Document to Structure and

May 23, 2012 - Presentation
ChemAxon’s Naming Technology supports IUPAC and common name to structure conversion, and vice versa. It also recognizes CAS Registry number. Various improvements have been made recentl…

Chemical Entity extraction using the

Jun 4, 2009 - Presentation
We will present an early implementation of the (chemical entity recognition + name2struct) into a tool that is used for text mining purposes. This will enable u…
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From chaos to order: Collecting chemical and biologic information in the documentation space

Aug 19, 2012 - Presentation
Much chemical information is buried deeply and scattered in a chaos within documents. The structures may take different forms, as names (IUPAC, common, generic ¼), strings (SMILES, InChI…

Extract Chemical Information from Patents Using Chemicalize and D2S (Document to Structure)

Oct 31, 2012 - Presentation
ChemAxon hosts a free web service called to help users extract chemical information from webpages and documents. It is powered by ChemAxon’s Naming technology that conve…