Implementation of ChemAxon in a SOA environment 

May 2010 Author: ()

This talk will follow-on to the presentation given by Brett Hiemenz at the 2009 US UGM which described the uses of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the problems faced in a mixed technology environment. During 2009 and 2010 IT has undergone a push to simplify the architecture, technologies and vendors used in order to reduce the cost of on-going support and maintenance of our vast application portfolio. One solution has been to consolidate the number of vendors used and standardise of a range of webservices that can provide the required functionality. ChemAxon was chosen to provide a number of these generic chemistry functions used by Discovery IT ranging from structural searching to 2D rendering. We will begin by discussing how the ChemAxon toolkit and cartridge has been integrated into the enterprise environment and detail the effort required to migrate from some existing vendors to ChemAxon. We will also discuss the advantage SOA has played in this migration with respect to cost and client applications. Finally, we will show details of how the ChemAxon product has evolved in our systems and led to gains in consistency and supportability.