Cutting the Cord: How ChemAxon Technology Inspired and Enabled our Liberation into the Cloud

September 2013 Author: ()
Product JChem Web Services Product group IT platform toolkit

Cloud computing offers the promise of lower cost, scalable, ‘utility’ computing. While many of us have had growing use and in some cases a dependence on cloud-based compute power, the thought of cutting the cord completely from ALL of local and/or co-located servers is very unsettling. Putting aside the emotional”fear-factor, many of us have legacy systems that can not be readily migrated into the cloud. A registry system which is older than a few years, by definition has legacy dependence. With people routinely using a registry system, it falls into the umbrella – ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Our internal, distributed content curation system, for example, has been one such system – previously relying on older web-based application environments like webLogic, older Oracle RDBMS systems, and now out-dated relational database cartridges supporting structure search and registration. We will discuss how ChemAxon’s Web Services, JChem and Instant JChem (IJC) have helped pave a migration pathway into the cloud. If all goes well, we expect to be completely ‘airborne’ with no local server dependence by mid-2013.