My Academic License

Important: Applications are suspended until November 27th.

Until then you can use Chemicalize or download Marvin might serve as a temporary solution. Thank you for your patience.


This is a human-readable summary of the ChemAxon Academic License conditions.

The ChemAxon Academic License is valid for:

  • 2 years — can be renewed
  • new versionsdownload a new release and the license will work (until expiry)
  • new products — simply upgrade your license to access new ChemAxon products which are included in the license

Under the following conditions:

Research License

  • for research purposes only
  • single user — you
  • scientific publication with citation required for renewal

Teaching License

  • for teaching purposes only
  • unlimited user — you and undergrads of your department

With the understanding that:

  • eligibility — this license offer is only for academic organizations that grant an academic degree
  • noncommercial — you may not use the software for commercial purposes or share the license or produced data with commercial entities
  • attribution — any publications, presentations, etc… related to the provided license must cite ChemAxon (citation guide)

I am affiliated with a degree granting educational institution, but I don’t seem to be eligible for the academic license, because:

  • — My research is for profit or funded by commercial entities OR
  • — I would like to have access to shared, central or remote databases

In this case, you may be eligible for a commercial academic license, please contact us for more details.