ChemAxon Products

Desktop and Web Applications

All the performance of our enterprise and discovery cheminformatics toolkits on your desktop.

Marvin MadFast Similarity Search Marvin Live JChem for Office Instant JChem Plexus Suite Compliance Checker

IT Platform Toolkit

High performance, scalable toolkits for handling chemical content on your favourite database architecture, analysis and workflow platforms.

Biomolecule Toolkit Compound Registration JChem Oracle Cartridge JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge JChem Base Standardizer Structure Checker JChem Web Services Marvin JChem for SharePoint

Discovery Toolkit

Customizable functionality to generate, screen and analyze virtual chemical libraries.

Calculator Plugins JKlustor Reactor Screen

Chemistry Text Mining Suite

Reliable chemical name conversion and mining engine to and from nearly any biochemical, organic and inorganic structure.

Naming Document to Structure ChemCurator ChemLocator

Markush IP

Enabling Markush structures and patent/IP considerations in discovery and computational chemistry processes.

Markush Search & Enumeration Markush Editor ChemCurator

Tools for Workflow, Visualization and Analysis

Wide range of ChemAxon technology enabled in the largest workflow management systems and Spotfire’s analytical and visualization platform integration.

KNIME integration InforSense integration Pipeline Pilot integration Spotfire integration