Enter the unknown – drawing and viewing complex biomolecules in your browser

From fully characterized to fully unknown, from exact chemical descriptions to heterogeneous products, and from biological sequences to exotic bioconjugates: BioEddie is ChemAxon’s novel sketching tool, which bridges the gap between small and macromolecule editing. On our mission to enable you to define, visualize and share structurally complex biomolecules with ease, we combine state-of-the-art JavaScript technology, an intuitive user interface, with a simple API to create a easy-to-use, versatile, browser-based tool, which is readily integrated with existing web-enabled software tools.

Biomolecule Toolkit and BioEddie: your equivalent of JChem Base and Marvin for the world of biologics.

Product Type:application
Interfaces:GUI ( Web )API ( JacaScript )
Available in:Biomolecule Toolkit
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