Instant JChem Suite

Solving your chemical database problems from the desktop to the enterprise level

Creating, managing and sharing chemical data is a critical issue in cheminformatics. Instant JChem has been a companion for chemists for many years in solving this problem. The classic desktop solution can now be combined with the novel three-tier solution: Instant JChem Server and Web Client that allows sharing and publishing the content of a database in a more flexible and secure way. While the classic Instant JChem application remains the main interface for chemical database administration including managing content and database views, the new thin client makes these accessible in a web browser on an intranet or the internet.

Instant JChem for Desktop

Product Type:application
Interfaces:GUI ( Desktop )API ( Java )

Instant JChem has been designed for the chemist to create, explore and share chemical and non chemical data in local and remote databases without additional administration. It has a wide and growing range of functionality including customizable database views, integration modules for virtual library design and dynamic population of columns with singular and combined molecular property and descriptor predictions. Read more »

Instant JChem Server and Web Client

Product Type:

This product is being merged into the Plexus Suite. Please contact your Account manager to discuss your needs.

Instant JChem Server and Web Client are the new, three-tier solution to access chemical databases administered with Instant JChem while keeping its rich feature arsenal and flexibility in handling and presenting data. This technology provides users with the comfort of a web client to access chemistry content in Instant JChem form views – anytime from anywhere in a secure way. Read more »

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