Instant JChem Server and Web Client

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A new way to access your chemistry data over the web

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Instant JChem Server and Web Client is the new, thin client solution to access chemical databases while keeping Instant JChem’s rich feature arsenal and flexibility in handling and presenting data. This technology provides users with the comfort of a web client to access chemistry content in Instant JChem form views – anytime from anywhere in a secure way.

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What is the IJC Server and Web Client solution?

The IJC Server and Web Client provides a web interface for accessing and searching data in a JChem chemical database. It is designed to allow the promotion of any database managed with the JChem technology to the web client. This technology allows users to connect to their data from any client computer with a web browser.

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Architecture Overview

The IJC Server and Web Client utilize a three-tier architecture. The lowest layer is the database server. The middle tier is the IJC Server providing a large portion of the current functionality of the Instant JChem desktop client. The third tier is the IJC Web Client, which is the presentation layer of the database content.

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Compatibility with Instant JChem

Chemical databases designed and managed with the desktop version of Instant JChem can be viewed, browsed and searched with the IJC Web Client. All Instant JChem form views can be migrated, so users can look at the same data in the same layout as in their desktop clients. Query and list management is also available, just like you are used to it in Instant JChem.

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Scripting in IJC Web Client

Scripting in IJC Desktop has been a powerful tool in the hands of experienced users to carry out complex or customized tasks. This functionality is available in IJC Web Client, using JavaScript as language for development. Scripts are editable directly from the web client and are executed in the browser.

Clean Query and List Management

IJC Web Client provides a rich search interface to query any content of your database. Besides the simple numerical and text fields of the database, users can also filter based on structural conditions using Marvin for JavaScript to sketch query structures. Search results are automatically stored in temporary lists, which can also be made permanently available. As an addition, manual selection of list content (cherry picking) is also available.

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High Performance, Security and Consistency

IJC Server allows robust security handling. A single security mechanism (e.g. LDAP) needs to be set up by the system administrator that will then be used by all IJC schemas available through the server. The lack of a direct connection between the client and the database further improves security as any user action is authorized based on security roles defined on the IJC Server. The association of a single application server with the database avoids version conflicts, which ensures more consistent software deployment and easier maintenance.

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