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Using SharePoint, people can set up Web Sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. This is enhanced now by ChemAxon’s tools.

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Manage Chemical Structures in SharePoint

Easy and Fast Handling of Chemical Structures

MarvinSketch is integrated into SharePoint so you can intuitively add, edit to SharePoint sites, or enrich Wikis, Discussion Boards and Blogs with chemical structures. Note that 3rd party editors also can be used.

Easy and Fast Handling of Chemical Structures

Users can import several thousands of chemical structures into SharePoint lists which are immediately available for review and analysis with other documents. Standard chemical file formats such as mol, sdf, SMILES, mrv and, additionally, JChem for Excel files are supported as well.

SP - Manage chemical structures

Filter structures in SharePoint lists

Lists with chemical structures can be filtered, even with several thousands of rows. Structure filtering uses ChemAxon’s enterprise JChem technology within SharePoint letting users define structure filters based on similarity, substructure, superstructure and full structure search. Query structures can be defined and edited by MarvinSketch and all ChemAxon advanced chemistry search options are available such as stereochemical features and tautomer consideration.

Characterize and Analyze Your Data

Calculate properties in SharePoint lists

Property predictions and calculations can be added to SharePoint lists with structures. It uses Chemical Terms that is a language utilizing ChemAxon’s chemical intelligence. Users can edit structures within a list which will automatically update all of the structure related calculations. Chemical Terms provide chemistry and mathematical functions including property predictions (pKa, logP, logD, etc.), functional group recognition, conformer selection, ring and distance based topological functions and other electronic, steric and structural functions.

SP - characterize and analyze data

Chemical naming in SharePoint

ChemAxon’s Naming technology is also completely implemented so users can generate IUPAC or traditional names or conversely generate structures from IUPAC or traditional names.

Filtering and Sorting

Text or numbers generated by Calculated Fields can be easily sorted and filtered at runtime using SharePoint’s built-capabilities. The results can be easily visualized by the visualization web part for building reports.

Searching for Chemical Information

Search for chemical structures and names in data repositories

ChemAxon has also integrated Document to Structure and the JChem Base search capabilities into SharePoint Search which allow you to find IUPAC, traditional name, SMILES, InChI, OLE objects and structural file formats in documents across a selected domain or a file repository. Supported document types are PDF, TXT, HTML, XML, MS Office documents (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX), OpenOffice ODT, etc. Additionally structures on JChem for Excel workbook and even ISIS and ChemDraw workbooks are searchable. Currently in its beta version it indexes images using OSRA as well.

Connect SharePoint to your corporate structure database

ChemAxon SharePoint technology allows extending the search space to external chemical databases. For instance, your corporate structure IDs can also be discovered within documents if JChem for SharePoint is connected to it. Our indexing and chemical database technology provides a flexible and powerful project management tool for research and development information management.

SP - search results

Chemical structure query options

The queries can be formulated by drawing a structure with MarvinSketch (or ChemDraw) or typing chemical names, CAS numbers, SMILES or InChI. Of course the result can contain any supported representation of the query structure. ChemAxon technology implemented in SharePoint allows substructure, exact and similarity searches that can be refined by JChem Search options. The technology allows a parallel textual and chemical structural search. Moreover users can set how the results are ranked and weighted based on the textual or chemical structural search results.

Hit visualization

Hits can be displayed in two different formats: in a document view or a structure view. In both views the display of the result set can be refined based on the source format of the hit structure. The matching parts of the structures are highlighted.


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