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accessing JChem Suite from code
The new JChem Web Services provides a versatile interface that extends access to the whole ChemAxon cheminformatics solution package over the Internet or an internal network allowing easier development of applications. Just like JChem Base / Cartridge is a must have back-end for chemical data storage and search, Web Services is a must have back-end for all web-based cheminformatics applications.
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Interfaces:CLIAPI ( Web Services )

A must have back-end for cheminformatics systems


ChemAxon’s cheminformatics solutions are supported by a flexible Web Services architecture that accesses the ChemAxon API and provides a fast and easy access, usage and maintenance for thin clients. It is a universal system that is using standard HTTP protocol for communication; enabling applications to run on PCs, Macs as well as on mobile devices. The Web Services can be deployed locally, on an internal or hosted server as well as on the cloud. JChem Web Services using REST

Chemistry on your Desktop

ChemAxon’s new REST Web Services provides a user friendly approach to support developers of Biotech companies, CROs or researchers in Academia in designing and developing their own state-of-the-art web or desktop applications for more efficient drug design. This innovative Web Services layer supports also a number of ChemAxon’s novel front end web applications enabling users to processes from chemical compound registration through chemical data management towards virtual screening and library design applications.

Marvin for JavaScript

Web Services provides a stereo service, an import/export service and a lightweight 2D cleaning web service for Marvin for JavaScript, a standalone chemical editor for quick and convenient drawing of chemical structures, which can be installed optionally. This default option can be seamlessly replaced or extended with custom implementations, providing unique flexibility in integrating Marvin for JavaScript with in-house chemical intelligence.


Web Services is also used as backend for our new Web Application implemented in pure HTML5/JavaScript called Plexus. Plexus is an innovative front end tool allowing researchers to create configurable library design workflows according to their everyday use while providing universal accessibility. It makes decision making process easy via innovative data visualization and analysis methods developed for medicinal and pharmaceutical research areas. JChem Web Services is providing the back-end for Plexus

Aiding Developers

Web Site Development

This novel Web Services accommodates access to JChem Base/Calculator/Markush Enumeration functionalities from Web Sites via a simple and ergonomic route, and it is easy to integrate into pure HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Django, etc. based web sites.

Accessing JChem products from a non-Java Environment

ChemAxon’s WS makes it easy to access our innovative JChem products from non-Java SE/EE environments, such as Python, Perl or R. Furthermore, it also supports development of mobile application with computationally intensive functions, where the application is only to display the result.

Enterprise Integration

Last but not least, Web Services provides robust way to add JChem products to your existing (Java) Enterprise Service Bus. Via Web Services it is possible to run chemical search/computation on a separate server cluster. Finally, you may also need Web Services for rapid prototyping a Java application.


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