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Marvin JS is ChemAxon’s novel chemical editor designed for the wider community. Marvin JS provides a clean, smart user-oriented tool for quick and convenient drawing of chemical structures and reactions/reaction mechanisms in web pages. We brought over the most-asked-for features from MarvinSketch, our high performance desktop chemistry editor, and re-imagined the editing workflow to make the experience faster and much more intuitive.

Product Type:application
Interfaces:GUI ( Desktop )API ( JavaScript )

MarvinSketch in JavaScript

Marvin JS is a state-of-the-art chemical editor that combines the chemical knowledge of MarvinSketch with the JavaScript-based browser technology. This results in a slim and lightning-fast, OS-independent chemical drawing tool, that runs on all the major browsers and provides a powerful solution for drawing and modifying standard chemical structures, reactions or query molecules in the web environment. Query Drawing

Chemical drawing: quick and easy

Marvin JS provides all the essential features for quick structure drawing, such as shortcuts for all chemical bond types, elements and basic templates. In addition, features like sprout drawing, structure-merging and chain drawing facilitate the rapid design of chemical structures in 2D. Marvin JS also supports the drawing of chemical reactions and reaction mechanisms using reaction arrows and guided electron flow arrows. Query Drawing On top of structure and reaction drawing the current version also supports your scaffold-based structure enumeration process allowing you to add and define R-groups on a pre-drawn scaffold.
Query Drawing

Query features in your browser

Marvin JS has rich support for bond properties. Beyond the standard types, users may also utilize stereo (wedged), coordinated and query bonds. Atom properties, charges and isotopes can be explicitly set for individual atoms. Users can easily create complex query structures using the query atom and query bond lists. Molecule rotation

Flexible editing

Marvin JS offers a simple and clean interface for structure manipulations. Transformation of structures, such as translation, rotation and mirroring of whole molecules, molecular groups or fragments can be done by a click as well as copy/paste from/to MarvinSketch and other editors. Molecule rotation

Easy to integrate – an exciting new interface

Marvin JS has been designed for easy integration with web-based applications. The public API provided with the editor enables web developers to seamlessly embed this application with their homegrown custom solutions (e.g. adding custom buttons). Our sketcher can be exposed on any web browser supporting JavaScript.

Pipe in your custom calculations

Marvin JS is ready for RESTful web services. It is bundled with a lightweight 2D cleaning web service that can be installed optionally. This default option can be seamlessly replaced or extended with custom implementations, providing unique flexibility in integrating Marvin JS with in-house chemical intelligence.

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