Instant JChem via WebStart

This page lets you launch Instant JChem through Java Web Start.

Please read these notes before launching Instant JChem.

Note: first time you start Instant JChem will be downloaded and this will take some time depending on the speed of your network connection. The standard installer is still available and can be found here. For the more adventurous types you can also try out the latest development version of IJC.



Run the Java Web Start version on your own server

Organisations with an IJC license can also deply the Java Web Start version to their own server. For instructions on how to do this look here. These are the files you need for this. Only download them if you want to install the Java Web Start version on your own server. To run it from ChemAxon server just click on the button above.

  • – zip distribution of Java Web Start for local installation
  • UrlWebApp.war – war file for IJC server application that provides ‘IJC URL’ functionality