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Plexus Suite is a web-based software package to access, display, search and analyze scientific data. A number of ChemAxon tools are integrated into the software suite and more will come, combining our strong chemistry knowledge with all the technical benefits of a browser-based environment.

Plexus Suite aims to provide a wide range of solutions from the registration process, through virtual library design and text mining to data analysis and database management. It is a versatile system suitable to the workflows of organizations ranging from small biotech start-ups to large pharmaceutical companies.

Plexus Suite consists of various tools. Each of them adds specific knowledge to the major display and query tool, Plexus Connect. Currently four tools are released: Plexus Connect, Plexus Design, Plexus Mining and Plexus Analysis.

Tools in Plexus Suite


The discovery user interface of Plexus Suite to access, display and query scientific data. It provides multi-user web access to data managed in Instant JChem (IJC). Grid and form views generated in IJC can be opened in a browser with most of the IJC widgets supported. In Connect you can browse, sort and search chemical structures and alphanumeric data; build and save queries and search hits as lists.

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The virtual library design solution of Plexus Suite. Synthetically feasible virtual compound libraries can be created in a few steps via scaffold-based and reaction-based enumeration. Plexus Design features a number of physicochemical properties characterizing molecules to help understand libraries you create.

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Plexus Mining is a solution, whose uniqueness relies on its chemical data mining capability combined with chemically intelligent search. It features ChemAxon’s mature naming technology, which supports extraction of chemical information, such as names in various formats, embedded structures etc. from any kind of documents.

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Plexus Analysis is a data analysis tool which, thanks to its background provided by the best chemistry engine, can be the most valuable in pharmaceutical and life science research. It supports some of the most popular chart types which can uncover new patterns and correlations in your data. Plexus Analysis can dynamically visualize data sets with millions of points to highlight the big picture behind your data and the possible connections in it.

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