Plexus Analysis

Web-based data visualization and analysis application for life science industries

Data visualization and other dedicated analytics solutions can be a great help in interpreting and drawing conclusions from the huge amount of data generated in our everyday work.

Plexus Analysis is a new data analysis tool which, thanks to its background provided by the best chemistry engine, can be the most valuable in pharmaceutical and life science research.

Getting information out of your data

You have data, but how do you get valuable information from it?
In the life science industry, dozens of variables have to be taken into account during a decision making process. Data visualization tools can be largely beneficial in finding the most important connections between these variables and so identifying the key parameters to be optimized.

Plexus Analysis supports some of the most popular chart types, i.e., histograms and multidimensional scatter plots, which can uncover new patterns and correlations in your data.


Smooth interaction with large data

Scientists often have to work with very large data sets, sometimes consisting of millions of compounds and associated information. Analysis of such a huge amount of data can be a real challenge since researchers usually want to focus on conclusions drawn from the entire data set, but at the same time, they have to explore what is behind individual items or chemical structures.

Plexus Analysis can dynamically visualize data sets with millions of points to highlight the big picture behind your data and the possible connections in it. At the same time, Analysis is able to keep the granularity of the data to give a detail-oriented view at the level of the individual molecules.


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