Plexus Connect

Connect to your life science data any time from anywhere

As part of the Plexus Suite, Plexus Connect provides the backbone, connecting to research data and enabling powerful search, browsing and list management in a simple, intuitive user interface. It incorporates ChemAxon’s industry-leading chemistry capabilities and provides a central user interface for gathering information from the integrated database of Plexus Suite.

What is Plexus Connect?

Plexus Connect is one of the central applications of Plexus Suite, a modular and configurable web services based tool, deployed through thin client shared services across your organization and external collaborators. Plexus Connect provides the main access point to your chemistry data for displaying and searching chemical structures and associated data. The web interface offers an easy-to-use and user friendly environment for the chemist and so a minimal learning curve.

What is Plexus Suite

Under the Hood

The back-end engine for Plexus Suite is shared with Instant JChem, a powerful and established desktop application for working with research data. This solution utilizes a three-tier architecture: the lowest layer is the database, the middle tier is the Instant JChem server and the third tier is the web application itself, consisting of a web server and a presentation layer of the database. In this setup administrators can use the familiar and rich functionality of Instant JChem to configure and customize the chemical database and design forms for Plexus users.

File support

Optimize Your Interface

Chemical databases designed and managed within Instant JChem can be viewed, browsed and searched in Plexus Connect. All form views can be promoted to the web client, allowing users to enjoy custom views tuned specifically to their workflows. The form- and row-based security provides a very wide range of potential use cases for selective access to data, making Plexus Connect a perfect environment for collaborative work and a basis of your evolving informatics capabilities.

File support

Clean Query and List Management

Plexus Connect provides a clean interface to search any content of your databases. Besides the simple numerical and text fields of the database, users can also filter based on structural patterns using MarvinJS to sketch query structures and enjoy advanced structure visualization of results to identify interesting results faster. Queries and search results can be easily saved as lists for later access and sharing.

Connecting Tools

Plexus Connect serves as a central application for connecting the growing number of tools of Plexus Suite, such as Plexus Design for virtual library enumeration and Plexus Analysis for scientific data visualization of chemical and biological data. Other current works bring integration with ChemAxon’s Compound Registration and chemical text mining solution, Document to Database. The flexibility of Connect will be useful in bringing any other ChemAxon or third party technology into Plexus.

High Performance, Security and Consistency

Plexus Connect utilizes robust user authentication and authorization protocols. A single security mechanism (e.g. LDAP) can be set up by the system administrator that will then be used by all database connections available through the server. Separating the client from the database and the optional read-only user interface further improve security.

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