Plexus Mining

Accessing and searching your chemical document library within Plexus Suite

Plexus Mining is the solution to enable chemically intelligent searches in large document repository systems allowing you to seamlessly navigate through a large collection of documents.

Chemical data mining with ChemAxon

Plexus Mining provides an out-of-the-box solution for chemical data mining on ChemAxon’s web-based chemistry platform, Plexus Suite. With this application a diverse set of documents can be processed, pooled out from document repositories, indexed in a central database and searched for chemical content and metadata: title, author, date, etc.


Built on our industry-proven Naming tech stack

Plexus Mining leverages all the features of our mature Naming technology, such as the extraction of IUPAC, common and systematic names, CAS numbers, Corporate IDs, embedded structures in Office documents, etc.. Furthermore, the visualization of the chemical information in context makes Plexus Mining an excellent choice for a global chemical text mining or a patent analysis tool for companies with a large collection of diverse chemical data.

Extract chemical content from documents

The document format agnostic capability combined with OCR and image recognition technologies enables automatic extraction of chemical information from various types of documents, (e.g. journal articles, patents, Office documents, web pages). The documents can reside in a document repository such as Documentum, or in a local or network drive; connectors for other document sources (for instance: OpenText, Google Drive, …) can be added upon request.

Articles in the library

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