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We offer ChemAxon’s end users applications and add-ons to fully enable them. You can buy up to 20 licenses in a single transaction. To license our toolkits, other products or for larger sales, please contact our sales team.

  • Instant JChem

    Instant JChem

    For scientists to manage and work with chemical structures and data using local databases.

    Buy now - from $420

    Add-ons - Extend Instant JChem

    Visualizer Add-on
  • Instant JChem Enterprise Edition

    Instant JChem Enterprise Edition

    Enable Instant JChem to access and share remote database tables, build custom chemical business rules.

    Buy now - from $1610

    Add-ons - Extend Instant JChem Enterprise Edition

    Visualizer Add-on
  • JChem for Office

    JChem for Office

    JChem for Office integrates the structure handling capabilities of JChem and Marvin within a Microsoft Office® environment. Learn more »

    Buy now - from $600

Add-ons for JChem for Office and Instant JChem

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