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IUPAC nomenclature: student 1, professor 0

The background:

There has been a disagreement between one of our academic users and his professor regarding the IUPAC name of a structure. The student – being a ChemAxon user – turned to us to seek help in defending his answer. So let’s see the problem, the solution and the professor’s answer:

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Academic research - introducing a commercial license to bring light to grey areas

Jan 25, 2014Alex Allardyce

As you may have noticed we have changed the Academic Package (AcPack) application/update form to clarify certain conditions of the academic package mainly related to Academic research (not teaching) and we have changed the way we handle applications, contacting applicants where there may be commercial research usage. I wanted to explain a little of the background to this and how this led us to create/offer an Academic commercial research license.
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Support your Academic Package! – the sequel

Mar 11, 2013Alex Allardyce

As promised, I am posting some new posters for you to print out and post to your department noticeboards to help promote cheminformatics and ChemAxon’s free provision of software for academic teaching and research (Academic Package).

Academic package posters

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Support your Academic Package!

Nov 19, 2012Alex Allardyce

To help promote cheminformatics and our free provision of software for academic teaching and research (Academic Package) we have been having some fun with graphic artists and have output some posters promoting the package.

Now it’s your turn. We are asking our academic users to print out a copy of their favorites and pin on their department noticeboard.

All are presented as high resolution PDF files and are suggested to be printed at A3 or 11×17 inch or bigger.

There are a few more coming for download but for now we present:

P.S.: To find out more and sign up for the Academic Package see this link!