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How can sequestration affect our industry?

Mar 1, 2013Krisztián Niesz

I guess the two most important questions are: What the heck is sequestration and why should we care about it? The Sequestration Transparency Act, you can hear a lot about currently, is a Budget Control Act passed by Congress and signed in by the President of the United States last year, but is enacted today. . The act defines across-the-board federal cuts of spending for both defense and non-defense programs throughout the nation. With this the aim is to save over $1.2 trillion over ten years starting with the cut of $85 billion this year. Just for comparison, the estimated federal expenditure of the United States for 2012 is $3.8 trillion. So, the outcome of this act probably won’t cause the end of the world, but some industries will definitely feel the pain. Although even President Obama called the coming sequester a “dumb way to do things” in his speech delivered a few days ago in Newport News, VA. The cuts are set to begin on March 1st, while Republicans and Democrats are still “playing the blame game”.1

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Nanotech drugs reach FDA with all the obscurity

Nov 19, 2012Krisztián Niesz

When I was browsing through Chemical & Engineering News recently an article about how the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) struggles to come up with appropriate processes to review new nanotechnology-based drug applications caught my attention, and had me thinking about how/if cheminformatics can be called to help here. According to this discussion “Mapping Nanotech Drug’s Landscape” (requires subscription to read) the FDA sees the main cause of the problem as having inconsistent characterization data from drug manufacturers or even having no data available at all.

Nanomaterials in medical chemistry

Nanotechnology itself has already passed the state of being only a buzzword, and by now has invaded many technological areas providing great benefits for society. Although it is a difficult, possibly overwhelming task to get a track on each commercially used “nano” product, it is believed that there are already 1000’s distributed worldwide, mainly in areas of the electronic, cosmetic, automotive and medical industry and, without doubt, more are yet to come. Read the more »