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tl, dr March

Mar 27, 2014Krisztián Niesz

Hi Folks! Things to chew on from March.

Tesla Stirs Up Battery Market
Tactical Jet Fuel Produced by Modified Bacteria
Slight Boost for 2015 R&D in the US

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tl, dr January

Feb 6, 2013Krisztián Niesz

Hi Folks! TL, DR is back for the New Year. Happy and Prosperous 2014 Everyone!

A Novel Surface Characterization Method Revealed
Metal-Free Battery Designed
A New Cancer Treating Strategy on the Horizon
Solar Cell Technology News
A Great Success of Synthetic Biology and Chemistry
US Science Gets a Boost from Congress
Accelrys Aquired by French 3D Design Software Company

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tl; dr November

Dec 2, 2013Krisztián Niesz

Hi Folks! Below is some interesting news to chew from November.

No more frozen pizza for a while
EPA’s biofuels proposal: both sides are unhappy
Yet another act on climate change
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tl; dr October

Oct 30, 2013Krisztián Niesz

Hi Folks! This is what happened in October that caught my attention.

And the Nobel goes to…
US government scaring scientists
First-of-its-kind nanomaterial against cancer
The very first working “nano-computer”
CO2 emission drops to the 90’s level in the US Read the more »

tl, dr September

Sep 30, 2013Krisztián Niesz

Hi Folks! Please find below my top (bio)chemistry and pharma news for September. Since we are only a couple of weeks away from the chemistry Nobel Prize announcement it is also time for you to place your bets. Is it biochemistry again or back to catalysis, perhaps quantum dots will dominate this time?

Looking inside a battery
Poisonous cure
Treating heart disease Read the more »

tl, dr August

Aug 30, 2013Krisztián Niesz

Hi Folks! Hope you had an amazing vacation and you are ready to get back on track. This is my top science, technology and pharma related news list for August.

Passed Earth Overshoot Day
New way to split water
The newest addition to the periodic table Read the more »

tl; dr July

Jul 31, 2013Krisztián Niesz

This post is a new initiative, a try out if you will, which would lead to a regular monthly release summarizing the most important happenings (from my point of view) in the world of pharma.

Although summer is supposed to be a more relaxed season for most industries, surprisingly a lot has happened here, which I’m trying to give you a quick overview about. Just like in the case of my other posts it is largely mirroring my personal view of things, but as always I am curious what you think of the topic so do comment. This is a quick overview, but if I catch your attention you can find more detailed descriptions via the references.

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