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Are scientists different?

Jun 24, 2013Emese Dobos

This has always been a constant source of debate from scientists’ as well as non-scientists’ point of view. The concept of the „mad scientist” has been around since science itself exists, however, it is always interesting to consider whether the difference that other people (i.e. non-scientists) might percieve comes from purely a difference in IQ levels, personality traits or maybe something else. And, obviously, is the perceived difference still true when we look at a bigger population of scientists? (And not just the one or few that we personally know.)

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C’mon scientists, let’s go social!

Mar 26, 2013Krisztián Niesz

The problems we see

Scientists and researchers are supposed to be leaders of modern societies, enigmatic figures leading technological innovations. However, when it comes to adopting technologies provided by social media it is surprising to find that this community is not as open minded as expected, and divided into two schools of thoughts. In one (I guess my favorite half), the thought of spending time on social media sites seems to be quite appealing and useful and I’m not talking about posting what movies to watch, but discussing hardcore science such as „Stable p- and n-type doping of few-layer graphene/graphite” structures. These are the more progressive people that realized the vast amount of positive impacts sharing research with other knowledgeable and „hungry” minds can provide. However, for others there is still a barrier that prevents taking the first steps. In the US a national survey showed that less than half of research laboratory managers and less than two thirds of colleague faculty had accounts on Facebook and other social sites. This is even more astonishing knowing the fact that more than 70% of internet surfers uses this social utility as primary news source and to share information.

Social media

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