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Agile tales: Failed sprint

May 6, 2013Miklós Vargyas

Speaking about failures (see: the demo effect), I often hear from scrum fellows that “our sprint failed”. I always wonder: what does that mean? The usual explanation goes like “We could not finish all stories”.
“What!? Hang on a minute!” – I say. “That’s not a failed sprint.”
“Did you work at all?” – I ask.
“Yes, of course we did. We worked hard throughout the sprint but we did not finish some stories.”
“Hm, then perhaps you failed with your size estimates (which is just normal), but not with your sprint!”

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Agile tales: Where did that demo go today?

Feb 4, 2013Miklós Vargyas

Yesterday I had a chat with a developer about daily demos. He and his team were planning to demo their product increment in the next couple of days for all other teams, developers who were interested. That was intended to be a short, 5-10 minutes demo to enable stakeholders (other developers in the company in this case) to give feedback on what’s been built.

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