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Automating database creation

Feb 13, 2013Tim Dudgeon

Have you ever needed to create a database that includes JChem tables?
Maybe you’ve done this manually, but if you’re doing this as part of a development process then it needs to be automated.

Its usually simple to create databases – all you need is to define the create table SQL (OK, maybe not always quite so simple, but you get the point). So you’re probably tempted to reverse engineer a JChem table and just create the table with something that looks like this:

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Agile tales: Where did that demo go today?

Feb 4, 2013Miklós Vargyas

Yesterday I had a chat with a developer about daily demos. He and his team were planning to demo their product increment in the next couple of days for all other teams, developers who were interested. That was intended to be a short, 5-10 minutes demo to enable stakeholders (other developers in the company in this case) to give feedback on what’s been built.

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Stereo models explained

Stereo models determine the way stereo chemistry is calculated, which affects stereo matching. The differences centre around the issue of symmetry. Our documentation has improved with additional examples and better descriptions yet it seems users can sometimes still be confused. This time we try to illustrate stereo models through three likely conversations we would have when explaining to users. Hope this helps with understanding.


  • Poor ChemAxon Developer (PCD)
  • Chemist liking global stereo model (C♥GLOB)
  • Chemist liking comprehensive stereo model (C♥COMP)
  • Chemist liking local stereo model (C♥LOC)

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