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About Our Training Programs


Programs relevant to groups or specific roles with relevant scientific or technical bias. Can focus on a range of products or focus on agreed specific aspects of a single product. Courses can be re-run on major new product versions or extensions.


We build programs to suit you. Our applications scientists will work with you to define the aims, processes and functionality to be covered as well as an understanding of your workflows to ensure compliance and fast results.


All of our training programs include structured documentation which include step by step examples tailored to your processes or code examples most relevant to your platform and technology mix.


We can provide training at your site, across multiple sites and with virtual training courses via web conferences.

Example Training content

General Marvin Training

  • Drawing basics: simple tools, group positioning, default templates
  • Advanced drawing: Drawing a chemical reaction
  • Performing structure-based calculations
  • Drawing query structures
  • Visualizing amino acid sequences in MarvinSketch & MarvinSpace

General JChem for Excel Training

  • Basics of structure handling
  • Creating SAR tables
  • Virtual reaction library profiling


  • Creating a small relational database from existing data
  • Generating basic form views
  • Searching a complex database
  • Data visualization with IJC Viz
  • Creating a virtual compound library within IJC using Reactor integration
  • Generating form view for the virtual synthesis
  • Data visualization and analysis of the virtual library through IJC and Spotfire
  • Basics of Groovy Scripting in IJC

Creating a document library in Instant JChem

  • Basic example use case: import document to Marvin View and export structures
  • Advanced document library design with scripting in Instant JChem
  • D2S usage with JChem for Excel

Design and analysis of virtual chemical compound libraries via using ChemAxon components through KNIME

  • Reaction enumeration
  • Physico-chemical property calculations
  • Structure similarity
  • MCS-based clustering
  • Library re-design
  • Markush Technology for Patent Search Applications with Instant JChem

    • Simple patent processing
    • The example
    • Storage and search of Markush libraries in Instant JChem
    • Markush generation and enumeration
    • Advanced Markush query features
    • Current technology in use: advanced form view building and usage in IJC


    Many training tutorial videos and webinars are available at no cost in the library, some recent examples are loaded below but more are available, you can refine results by products and document type. Visit the library

    Training materials in the library

    JChem for SharePoint - How to use the JChem Linked Structure Field

    Jul 22, 2011 - Tutorial
    Short video describing how to render your existing structure strings in SharePoint lists using the JChem Linked Structure field. Welcome to the third training video of the JChem …

    Screen GUI sneak peek

    May 16, 2013 - Tutorial
    Get a sneak peek into the current state of the Disco toolbox prototype development as of May 2013. Conceptual user interaction design for property space visualization, snapshot management…
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