UGM Budapest 2014

Ian Berry, Alex Drijver

Evotec, ChemAxon


ChemAxon's user group meeting (UGM) in 2014, Budapest started with a keynote, a talk between our CEO, Alex Drijver an…

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Edith Richter

Boehringer Ingelheim

Large and smaller - how to approach a relationship to get the best results

That's ChemAxon: agile on the one hand, flexible and everything ... if you are thinking of migration.

Two partners: ChemAxon and Boehringer Ingelheim One goal: Migrating the ISIS platform to ChemAxon tools And 1000 di…

Anna Pelliccioli


Building on the Instant JChem platform at NIBR

Instant JChem (IJC) was first introduced at NIBR as a replacement for a number of legacy applications. Driven by the …

Edith Richter

Boehringer Ingelheim

Replacing Cheshire with Standardizer and Structure Checker at Boehringer Ingelheim

Registering compounds in a database from various sources has to pass several steps – and one important step is to c…

Marco Brazzarola


Aptuit Compound Registration and Integrated Discovery Data Management with the ChemAxon platform

Aptuit Verona transitioned from a former Pharma R&D Center to an integrated Contracting Discovery & Development Organ…

Brian Kreiser, Péter Cseh

Niels Clauson-Kaas, ChemAxon

Migrating a legacy platform from the “DOS age” to Instant JChem - easier than expected

A user’s story on a successful transition into the modern era: Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S, a small contract research an…

András Strácz


Plexus Discovery - reaction enumeration made too easy

We give an overview about Plexus Discovery, a new intuitive workflow driven interface and early phase drug discovery …

Tim Aitken


Function Overload - solving the UI problem with Plexus Suite

Over the last year we have been merging several existing products, calculators and search tools into one unified web …

Roland Knispel


Connecting dots: Bio-molecule registration using HELM and ChemAxon tools

This presentation will demonstrate a preview version of a novel webservice-based toolkit, which features simple struc…

Tim Dudgeon


Compliance for Controlled Substances - a Solution from Pre-Competitive Space

In the recent years the life sciences industries worldwide are dealing with controlled substance compliance and the p…

Richard Bolton


GlaxoSmithKline: 5 years with ChemAxon

In the last few years we've moved from working with ChemAxon as part of our toolkit to partnering with them, and planning our roadmap to align with them.

GlaxoSmithKline began using ChemAxon tools across its enterprise systems in late 2009. A selection of presentations …

Eufrozina Hoffmann


Smart Drawing with Marvin JS

In the last two years, we transitioned the most-asked-for features from our successful MarvinSketch desktop applicati…

János Papdeák


Re-Imagining UI - a Developer's Point of View

With the re-implementation of features already in MarvinSketch into Marvin JS we had an opportunity to take re-imagin…

Roger Sayle

NextMove Software

Implementing ISO standard 11238 compliance with ChemAxon tools

Without standards the world would be a place of utter chaos. With the ever increasing complexity of modern life, sta…

Mark Davies


SureChEMBL – Open Patent Data

Historically the cost of access to structured chemical data extracted from patents has been prohibitively high to man…

Alfonso Pozzan


Expanding the scope of “literature data” with document to structure tools

Data associated to chemical structures reported in literature are very important in drug design as they expand the sc…

Erin Bolstad


An Introduction to Global Consulting Services

ChemAxon’s consulting services has undergone substantial growth in the last several years. We now utilize talent fr…

Tim Dudgeon


A web portal for the European Lead Factory

The European Lead Factory is a EU led initiative (supported by the ) involving pharmaceutical companies, academic org…

Serge P. Parel


Farewell, PipelinePilot : Migrating the Exquiron cheminformatics platform to KNIME and the ChemAxon technology

As a service provider for hit identification, Exquiron needs to offer a state-of-the-art cheminformatics, data analys…

James Lumley

Eli Lilly and Co.

Making Workflows Work: Enterprise deployment of KNIME at Lilly

Workflow tools claim an easy approach to automate tasks and provide interoperability between software packages. The …

Brock Luty

Dart Neuroscience

A ChemAxon/KNIME based tool for designing chemical libraries

As the usage of parallel synthesis in early stage drug discovery has evolved, medicinal chemists have demanded ever m…

Stefan Höck

Zurich University of Applied Sciences

CyBy2: A modular Rich Client for the chemical and biological Information Management

For successful medicinal chemistry projects, it is mandatory to have access to key correlations between chemical stru…


Jan Holst Jensen


Hall of mirrors - Reflections on protein registration

Biochemfusion's Proteax toolkit is being used by pharma companies to easily generate chemical structures from sequenc…

Burkhard Schaefer

BSSN Software

Holistic management of analytical and chemistry data

BSSN Software provides vendor-independent solutions for analytical data management. The company provides tools to bri…

Steve Yemm

Core Informatics

Integrated ChemAxon chemistry in the Next Generation R&D Cloud

Modern R&D organizations are rapidly adopting cloud-based IT infrastructures as they externalize a growing segment of…

Aaron Hart


JChem on an Open Platform

KNIME [naim] is a user-friendly graphical workbench for the entire analysis process: data access, data transformation…

Guy Singh


Chemical Text Mining With I2E

An overview of how I2E can be used to extract chemical structures in context within literature. Using a combination o…

Matthew Segall


StarDrop and Plexus: Guiding the design of high quality compound libraries

Optibrium's StarDrop software platform helps to guide the selection and design of high quality compounds in drug disc…

Andreas Witte


LiveDesign - Schrodinger's Next Generation platform for Collaborative Drug Design

Chemists can benefit from modeling and team member feedback on their ideas but the process of getting this informatio…

Bernhard Schirm

Quattro Research

Compound logistics in dynamic environments

Efficient compound logistics and management is a key success factor for any drug discovery or chemical research organ…


Anna Gaulton, Anne Hersey, George Papadatos, John P. Overington, Mark Davies


SureChEMBL: Open Patent Chemistry Data

EMBL-EBI has recently acquired SureChem, a patent chemistry database, previously developed and licensed by Digital Sc…

Inaki Morao, Michael P. Mazanetz


ChemAxon toolkits: Invisible contribution but visible success

In Evotec we have built dozens of Computational Chemistry tools to make Medicinal Chemistry an easier occupation. The…

Anna Lovrics, Csaba Magyar, Miklós Szabó, Gergely Szakács

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, ChemAxon

Analysis of the NCI60 drug toxicity patterns using ChemAxon's 3D alignment tool

The NCI-60 panel is a collection of 60 human cancerous cell lines maintained by the National Cancer Institute. Since …

Krisztián Niesz, Masami Fujiki

ChemAxon, Patcore

Compliance Checker: A simple compliance tool that helps you stay on the safe side

Today, company compliance is one of the most important business management challenges. To date there are no tools tha…

Árpád Figyelmesi, Krisztián Niesz


Chemical Patent Curation and Management - new tools and capabilities

Understanding the competitors’ patent portfolios and protecting their own IP are key questions for all life science…

Krisztián Niesz, Iván Solt, András Strácz


Plexus – Design & Discovery

Plexus Discovery is a full drug discovery platform that allows chemists to easily get on the most common virtual libr…