UGM Cambridge 2014

Alex Drijver



The keynote talk of our Cambridge User Group Meeting was presented by our CEO, Alex Drijver. He quickly gave an overl…

Yvonne's Take External digest of the talks


Dana Vanderwall

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Instant JChem - enabling new ways of working with data and access to new data to work with

The help we get from ChemAxon, when we have problem or want to do something new, is FABULOUS

The introduction of Instant JChem and underlying ChemAxon technologies, along with a new data infrastructure designed…

Miklós Szabó


Introducing Plexus - the ChemAxon Collaborative Research platform

This presentation will demonstrate the new Plexus platform, combining several ChemAxon technologies in an intuitive …

David Deng, Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet, Ágnes Peragovics


Plexus - Connect, Design and Analyze - in a Suite

Plexus Suite delivers intuitive and easy-to-use cheminformatics solutions to people involved in pharmaceutical resear…

Brett Hiemenz


From Desktop to Browser: ChemAxon Plexus in GlaxoSmithKline

Since its initial adoption of ChemAxon tools in 2009, GlaxoSmithKline has followed a roadmap moving from desktop tool…

Erin Bolstad


Consultancy report: New capabilities and reviewing some major projects

ChemAxon’s consulting services has undergone substantial growth in the last several years. We now utilize talent fr…

Árpád Figyelmesi


Working Effectively with Complex Markush Structures

Markush structures are widely used in combinatorial libraries and chemical patents. However, the flexibility and comp…

Zhengwei Peng


Construction of a vast virtual chemical space powered by ChemAxon’s Markush Search Platform and its utility in molecular design

With the addition of a molecular similarity search capability, the ChemAxon Markush Search platform is now capable of…

Gregory Landrum


What else can you do with the Markush cartridge? Tracking chemical series for project teams.

In a collaboration with ChemAxon we have developed a web-based interface for searching, browsing and managing chemica…

Árpád Figyelmesi, Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet


Introducing ChemCurator - Chemical Document Curation and Management

Understanding competitors’ patent portfolios and protecting their own intellectual properties are key questions for…

Zhengwei Peng


The needs and challenges related to in-depth analysis of patent molecular spaces to support drug discovery projects

ChemAxon's suite of tools (like ChemCurator) ... is well positioned as a potential solution for the community.

In the course of small-molecule drug discovery projects, there are multiple use cases where in-depth analysis of pate…

Kevin Clark


Searching Project Team Documents with D2DB

At Genentech as in many other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, therapeutic project teams generate many doc…

Eufrozina Hoffmann


Balancing usability and power for creating chemistry on the web

Marvin JS is the newest member of the Marvin product family. The chemical smartness of MarvinSketch has been transfer…

J. Zane Barlow, Margaret Trombley, Prasanth Buchi

Pearson Education

Marvin JS goes to College

Marvin JS is a novel light-weight chemical editor suitable for generating standard chemical structures without the ne…

Aurora Costache


Compliance for Controlled Substances - staying out of jail

In the recent years the life sciences industries worldwide are dealing with controlled substance compliance and the p…

Roland Knispel


ChemAxon's Biomolecule toolkit: En route to extending our JChem platform to the world of Biologics

The Biomolecule toolkit adds registration, search and property predictions of complex biological molecules such as ol…

John B. Kinney


Improving The Effectiveness Of Our R&D Organizations Through Incrementally-Enhanced Informatics

SharePoint is not really chemistry aware, and this is where I hooked back in with the ChemAxon crowd, and we selected JChem for SharePoint ... to make it actually useful for us.

A typical life science researcher is expected to wear many hats, project manager, project progenitor, and of course, …

Gerald Wyckoff


Development of the Chemalytics Platform for Drug Discovery

Structure-based virtual screening is an important tool in the drug discovery process. The use of computational tools …

Xin Zhang


A chemistry friendly system integrating drug design tools and a consistent visual interface

Drug discovery today is challenging with metabolism and toxicity playing key roles. Here we present a web based syste…

Jin Sui

Flatley Discovery

Building the Bioinformatic Platform for Drug Discovery at Flatley Discovery Lab

Building a suitable bioinformatic platform for small molecule R&D with high throughput screening (HTS) is challenging…

Edmund Taylo

Kyoto Constella Technologies

CzeekD: Fragment-based de novo Drug Design System for Drug Discovery

It has been estimated that there is an enormous number of compounds that consist the vast chemical space and as such,…


Antoni Wandycz

Agilent Technologies

Agilent's OpenLAB Electronic Lab Notebook

Computers are used extensively in modem R&D, and so much of the data that needs to be recorded in a laboratory notebo…

Richard Mallah

Cambridge Semantics

Anzo and JChem: Enabling Chemically-Aware Semantic Search

Semantic standards and semantic middleware enable new levels of integration and search that easily combine previously…

Aaron Hart


ChemAxon UGM Update

The KNIME Summer release for 2014 brings a few powerful new features to our open analytics platform. From auto-save …

Matthew Segall


StarDrop: Guiding the selection and design of high quality compounds

StarDrop helps to guide the design and selection of high quality compounds in drug discovery. Unique capabilities, su…

Mark Brewer


LiveDesign - Schrödinger's Next Generation Platform for Collaborative Drug Design

Medicinal chemists can benefit enormously from computational and team member feedback on their design ideas, but the …


Krisztián Niesz, Masami Fujiki

ChemAxon, Patcore

Compliance Checker: A simple compliance tool that helps you stay on the safe side

Today, company compliance is one of the most important business management challenges. To date there are no tools tha…

Árpád Figyelmesi, Krisztián Niesz


Chemical Patent Curation and Management - new tools and capabilities

Understanding the competitors’ patent portfolios and protecting their own IP are key questions for all life science…

Krisztián Niesz, Iván Solt, András Strácz


Plexus – Design & Discovery

Plexus Discovery is a full drug discovery platform that allows chemists to easily get on the most common virtual libr…

Edmund Taylo

Kyoto Constella Technologies

CzeekD: A fragment-­‐based de novo drug design system for drug discovery

It has been estimated that there is an enormous number of compounds that consist the vast chemical space and as such,…