UGM San Diego 2015

Wendy's Take External digest of the talks


Eufrozina Hoffmann


Marvin JS

Marvin JS is ChemAxon’s novel chemical editor designed for the wider community. Marvin JS provides a clean, smart u…

András Strácz


Marvin Live

Drug discovery teams are increasingly spread out over the world and involve CROs or consultants. Circulating ideas wi…

Csaba Peltz


Compound Registration

ChemAxon’s Compound Registration is a system built on a set of web services, aiding users to register molecular str…

Roland Knispel


Biomolecule Toolkit

ChemAxon’s Biomolecule Toolkit is a webservice-based toolkit to bridge the gap between biology and chemistry for co…

Michael Braden


Instant JChem & MiniReg

Instant JChem is a desktop application designed for the chemist. With Instant JChem you can create, explore and share…

Max Šauer


Instant JChem

Instant JChem is a desktop application designed for the chemist. With Instant JChem you can create, explore and share…

Burkhard Schaefer

BSSN Software

Managing analytical data in a chemical context with Instant JChem and the AnIML data standard

ChemAxon and BSSN Software have partnered to bring analytical data support to ChemAxon products, such as Plexus and I…

Max Šauer


Plexus Connect

The discovery user interface of Plexus Suite to access, display and query scientific data. It provides multi-user web…

Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet


Plexus Mining

Plexus Mining is a solution, which uniqueness relies on its chemical data mining capability combined with chemically …

Scott Weiss


ChemAxon chemistry platform at IDBS

At IDBS, we set out to design our next-generation, cloud-ready versions of the ActivityBase screening platform and E-…

Matthew Pustelnik

Global Blood Therapeutics

Building a Symbiotic Informatics Platform to Support Drug Discovery

Getting heterogeneous tools to “play nicely” in the Informatics sandbox At GBT we have built an Informatics plat…

Lee Schaller


Integrating Plexus Suite at GlaxoSmithKline

The Instant JChem (IJC) application is a thick client that is delivered via a desktop application at GSK. The client…

Anna Tomin


Plexus Design

The virtual library design solution of Plexus Suite. Synthetically feasible virtual compound libraries can be created…

György Pirok


Plexus Analysis

Plexus Analysis for visualization of chemical and biological data is tightly integrated with Plexus Connect, Web Serv…

Miklós Szabó


Plexus Suite

Plexus Suite is a web-based software package to access, display, search and analyze scientific data. A number of Chem…

Yingyao Zhou


The design of an interactive compound reporting web application

Compound Report complements existing SAR tools, where all data collected for a few given compounds are rendered in a …

Yvonne Shimshock


Chemical Registration and Document Management at Chemours

The Chemours Company was founded in July 2015 as a spin-off from DuPont. DeltaSoft and ChemAxon provided the Chemical…

András Volford


Chemical searching technologies

JChem Base is a tool for the development of cheminformatics applications allowing storage and search of structural an…

Fumiaki Aruga


ChemAxon solutions in Japan

Patcore is the exclusive distributor company of ChemAxon products in Japan. ChemAxon has a strong presence on the Jap…

Eufrozina Hoffmann



MarvinSketch allows users to quickly draw molecules through basic functions on the GUI and advanced functionalities s…

Jesper Soerensen

Dart Neuroscience

Searching Commercial Databases at DNS

A walkthrough of the compound ordering system at Dart NeuroScience, LLC. with specific emphasis on the places where o…

Ákos Papp


JChem for Office

JChem for Office integrates structure handling and visualizing capabilities within a Microsoft Office environment. Th…

Steve Domeck


Challenge Driven Innovation™ using Marvin JS

Open innovation and collaborative tools are rapidly being applied to address the speed at which companies must delive…

József Dávid


JChem for SharePoint

Using SharePoint, people can set up Web Sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish…

Joe McDonald, Sami Bahmanyar


Deployment of the Plexus Enumeration Tool for Medicinal Chemists at Celgene

At Celgene, we provide medicinal chemists effective in silico tools to generate and evaluate ideas. We will share th…

Árpád Figyelmesi


Markush technology

Markush structures, or generic structures, are widely used in combinatorial libraries and chemical patents to define …

Norbert Sas


Compliance Checker

Compliance Checker is a combined software system and content package providing a way to check whether your compounds …

Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet



ChemAxon offers a powerful naming engine that can convert chemical and biochemical structures and names in various fo…