Login to download

To download ChemAxon software, we require an active registration in our Technical Support Forum. You will be prompted to login during the download process. To register please visit the Forum registration page. Please note that after registering you must activate the account via the link in the email the forum will send. If you have forgotten your username or password please visit this link and give your username or registration email address and a new password will be sent to your registered email address.


If you require assistance during the download process please review the documentation and guides from our Support topic, visit our Technical Support Forum or contact our support directly. Please note that support for freely provided software, such as via the Academic Package, is only available through the Technical Support Forum


From the 7th of July, 2014 we changed our release practice: every week we have a new release including both new features and bug fixes. This effected our version numbering policy too. We use date stamps as version numbers, e.g.: 14.7.7 for the first frequent release. Read more about our new release method in our blog. For more information on new features per version please visit the Relesase Notes page, or the History of changes for more detailed description.

Evaluations and license keys

In all cases downloaders must review and accept the End-User License Agreement for ChemAxon products. All ChemAxon products except Marvin Beans require license keys though a limited functionality for all other products is available without the license key. License keys can be acquired by purchasing a suitable license or arranging a free evaluation or via our free provision. To obtain license keys for purchase or evaluate please contact us. For more information about free use of ChemAxon tools, such as our Academic and FreeWeb Packages please visit the Free Software page.